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Kim Kardashian's New Home Has A Butt Room. A Butt Room. | Heatworld.com

BEAUTY: Alexa Chung talks tanning, hot French men and BFFs in beauty tutorial with Lisa Eldridge Inside said booty room is what a source deemed "butt-toning equipment", which frankly sounds terrifying, like it might involve electric shocks and support bandages or something. "There's also a dedicated cellulite-busting area with a laser machine, and a 'bum spa' which will be a pampering and treatment area for her bottom," the insider (fnar) explained. A bum spa? BUM SPA? Is that anything like a foot spa, but one you'd have to gingerly lower yourself into while squatting on the sofa? "She's even hired a 'butt expert' in addition to her personal trainer, who'll be responsible for her workout every day." Wow. Erm. Kim? There's no such thing as a butt expert.

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